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Martha Lepidou
Mechanical Electrical Engineer - Electromechanical Studies of Buildings - Electrician Certificates - Energy Performance Certificates - Building Identities - Fire Safety - Store Operating Permits - Vineyards Thessaloniki

Martha Lepidou is an extremely active and experienced Mechanical and Electrical Engineer based in Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki. With a wide range of services that it provides from 2022 onwards, it is the ideal consultant for the electromechanical needs of every customer. Martha Lepidou does not just perform tasks, but provides solutions that meet the needs and expectations of her clients.

Her experience includes undertaking projects such as electromechanical building studies, electrician and energy performance certificates, building identifications, fire safety, shop permits and electrical work. Martha stands out for her ability to offer immediate service to her clients, while her great advantage is the ability to undertake all projects comprehensively, ensuring economical prices without compromising the quality of her services.






With reliability, experience and professionalism, Martha Lepidou is the professional you can trust for your electromechanical projects.