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Electromechanical Studies of Buildings
Martha Lepidou - Mechanical Electrical Engineer - Electrician's Certificates - Energy Performance Certificates - Building Identities - Fire Safety - Store Operating Permits - Ampelokipoi Thessaloniki

The Electromechanical Building Studies undertaken by Martha Lepidou represent the synthesis of her experience as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, integrating her expertise in every aspect of the project.

Every building requires a stable, efficient and safe operation of its electromechanical systems. Martha Lepidou understands this need and provides complete solutions for the design, installation and maintenance of these systems.

Based in Ampelokipis Thessaloniki, Martha has familiarized herself with the peculiarities of the local environment and the requirements of local regulations and specifications.

Its services include the preparation of detailed studies for a building's electromechanical systems, including electrical installations, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration, as well as fire safety and building automation systems.

With the aim of ensuring high performance and energy efficiency, Martha Lepidou ensures that each electromechanical study is precisely adapted to the needs and specifications of each client, while providing economical solutions without degrading the quality of the result.






With her experience, expertise and professionalism, Martha Lepidou represents the top choice for electromechanical building studies in Ampelokipi and beyond.