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Store Operating Permits
Martha Lepidou - Mechanical Electrical Engineer - Electromechanical Studies of Buildings - Electrician Certificates - Energy Performance Certificates - Building Identities - Fire Safety - Vineyards Thessaloniki

Martha Lepidou, a specialized Mechanical and Electrical Engineer based in Ampelokipis Thessaloniki, undertakes the issuance of Operating Permits for shops, undertaking the process of "Notifying a Shop of Health Concern" through the "Notify Business" electronic platform.

With the new legislative changes in the context of Operating Permits, the process is automatically issued electronically, with the notification of the start of operation and business details on the "Notify Business" platform. Previously, the corresponding Installation Certificate must have been obtained from the competent department of the Municipality where the store is installed.

Martha Lepidou allows entrepreneurs to start their operation immediately and without bureaucratic obstacles, ensuring that the area of economic activity meets all the required conditions and that all the required individual approvals have been obtained. It also helps to maintain the mandatory file with all the necessary documents in the activity area.






With her experience and expertise, Martha Lepidou is a help for any business that wants to start its operation successfully and without unnecessary delays.